Do you think finding your purpose is important? Yes right?

Well without it then every step potentially could be going the wrong way… How costly is that?

Did you know I wandered about for many years before finding my purpose… It took me starting and moving in many different directions – virtually being forced to look at it before I bothered to do it…

How costly to my life do you think that was?

I spent years in the wrong businesses, doing the wrong things, going in the wrong direction before I took time out and just thought about it.

When I eventually stopped it only took me roughly 20 hours to uncover my life’s purpose and now everyday I live it.

It takes no effort, it fills me with energy, I’m in no rush, and I’m just stepping forward each day fulfilling my purpose.

But is it important enough for you to be bothered to look at it yet?

Let’s see how important it is…

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”

Napoleon Hill wrote that and I regularly share it with others. As soon as you read it what happens inside your mind is this:

1) You notice it and wake up

2) You conclude without much thought at all – “Yes that’s right I agree”

3) You then go back to sleep and take no further action.

Don’t feel bad, that’s what happens after every quote you agree with… It’s a cunning little boost to our ego;

Side note: The secret to not being put back to sleep by your ego after reading a comment is to remember to ask yourself this one simple question right after you read ANY quote – ‘Am I living to this?’ – Yes, and then check to see if you really are? As if you said ‘Yes’ then you’re probably not… If you felt it then you may well be. If you said ‘No’ then you’re quite present, continue to slow down and consider why not. You don’t want to decide, you just want to observe – here lies great power for you IF you can slow down:

But let’s look at what he meant in his quote, as what he didn’t say in it is – First you must have your purpose, as without it you’ll quit! So don’t bother trying without it as you may well be going the wrong way!

Why do you think so many businesses fail, because people started them because they could, not because they should.

Why do you think so many marriages fail, because people started them because they could not because they should.

I could list more and more things here, but the point is, we all begin things we can do, which are not necessarily the things we should do

The secret to fulfillment in life and so much more is to only do what you should do… And you can only do that, and you can only keep applying effort IF you have your purpose.

Unfortunately to do it and it not be your purpose will end up with pain – trust me I KNOW!

So your purpose isn’t just something you may want to do when you get around to it, your purpose is essential to you living the life you were designed to live…

You cannot fulfill your true potential until you discover your purpose! Until then you are treading water… A Free Mind will make it very pleasant for you to tread water, but if you want to know how far you can go then your discovering your purpose is a must!

Without purpose you are destined to quit someday.

Here’s To Your Success,

Until next time!

Prosperously yours,


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Jerry Scicchitano
Jerry Scicchitano is known for turning ideas into action. His concept paper, “The Entrepreneurial Mall,” was presented at the 20th Annual Entrepreneurship Education Forum, sponsored by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Jerry is the author of Part Time Income Enterprise (Morgan James Publishing), and founding sponsor of the M.H.S Entrepreneur and Inventors Club. Jerry also sits on the board for two non-profits: The Every Child Deserves a Chance Foundation and Jesus – The Divine Mercy Foundation.