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Jerry Scicchitano has over thirty years of education experience as an author and owner of many successful part-time income enterprises. Over the past several years through his writings and seminars Jerry has been helping hundreds of people find the extra-income activity that is right for them. They found that by working only a few extra hours a week, turning their spare time and weekends into wealth and security, enabled them to achieve financial freedom through their own part-time income-producing enterprise.

The thrill of developing a part-time business is a dream of many people. Although many people are looking for inspiration and direction, they don’t know what they want to do or how to go about doing it.

Jerry has the ability to inspire people of all ages to look inside themselves and discover their own money-earning potential and to put it to work for their special benefit. His high level of enthusiasm will keep you motivated to succeed in your second-income ventures. He will show you how to turn every minute of your free time into money with proven examples of how others have put it into work. His proven leadership is just what you need to earn that extra income you and your family are looking for.

Jerry Scicchitano’s concept paper, “The Entrepreneurial Mall,” was presented at the 20th Annual Entrepreneurship Education Forum, sponsored by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Jerry is the author of Part Time Income Enterprise (Morgan James Publishing), and founding sponsor of the M.H.S Entrepreneur and Inventors Club. Jerry also sits on the board for two non-profits: The Every Child Deserves a Chance Foundation and Jesus – The Devine Mercy Foundation.